Covered Walkways

In tent lingo, a marquee describes any sort of covered walkway. We have three varieties, explained below, which serve slightly different purposes.
Clear or solid sides and string lighting can be applied to any of these three options.

Arched Marquee

Our newest generation of marquee combines the functionality of the Bimini with our signature natural wood poles.
Arched marquees can be used to create a tight connection from tent to tent or can be joined together in series to create longer covered walkways. They are also capable of making right-angle turns. They are 7 or 10 feet long.


The tent bimini evolved from the boat bimini and is comprised of a pair of aluminum arches spanned by tent fabric. The bimini is a useful tool for dealing with covering steps or making gradual turns. They are also an effective way to create a stable, watertight connection between tents and a covered walkway or building.

Covered Walkway

Our covered walkways are essentially long, skinny tents. They have stakes, lines (ropes), and wooden poles on the sides and in the center just like our tents, but they are 8 ft. wide and come in 20, 30, or 40 ft. lengths. They are the most efficient way to span long distances over grass.